How MG Astor Intelligence Works?

Morris Garages (MG) Astor is a compact SUV that brings some segment-first intelligent features adding essence to the premium luxury offerings. The MG Astor was introduced in the extremely popular and attractive mid-size SUV segment, taking on the more prominent car manufacturers in the Indian market. To know more about MG Astor, contact the authorized PPS MG Showroom Hyderabad for sales inquiries. Also, explore pricing details as you visit us directly and learn more about intelligent beauty.

Getting into the brief details of intelligence, the MG Astor consists of Autonomous Level 2 technology that powers the mid-range radars. A multi-purpose camera allows the MG Vehicle to realize a series of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). It has an AI-based personal assistant and comes with a choice of two petrol engine options. The better evolving auto-maker is up with a concept of Car-as-a-Platform (CAAP) of possibilities and services with the MG Astor.

Astor Intelligence Redefined

MG Astor comes up with the philosophy of Emotional Dynamism that connects people with the car. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the development and application of subscriptions and services that support the ‘on-demand in-car’ needs of customers. The brand debuts a personal AI assistant in its global portfolio with this amazing smart car.

‘Star Design’ popularly known as an American firm developed the AI assistant on MG Astor to depict human-like voices, and emotions and can deliver information on every topic through Wikipedia. Matching the Indian accent, say ‘Hello, Astor!’ and ask for any information needed; it responds flawlessly. Accomplishing all the in-car tasks, keeping one up to date on current events, and listening to jokes; AI on Astor is amazing!

MG claims that the AI assistant can mimic human behavior with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). An AI assistant on Astor’s dashboard can communicate and alter its expressions while performing certain functions. The MG version of the ‘OK, Google!’ speech assistant present on Android phones is made available here too.

i-Smart Hub & Its Working

MG Astor’s i-Smart Hub provides access to a variety of services and subscriptions. With Jio’s tie-up for internet services, MG has expanded its services with the association of Park+ and Map My India alongside. The offerings include reservations for mall parking spaces, payments of fastag, and viewing of 4D maps on the MG Astor. It also comes with a digital passport that allows data storage such as vehicle service history and insurance information with Microsoft’s cloud services. MG and L&T combine to provide data technology services and prevent hackers from stealing the data.

MG Astor Exteriors & Interiors

The MG Astor has a new celestial pattern grille alongside complete LED projector headlamps with boomerang-shaped LED DRLs. It comprises a new bumper added to the front and new 17-inch alloy wheels in profile. A new rear bumper with a chrome-accented twin exhaust design and redesigned LED tail lamps are also available. Apart from these new additions, the car is identical to MG ZS EV (electric counterpart).

It comes with three interior theme options the way its electric equivalent, the ZS EV has its cabin inside. With a 10.1-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it has a 7-inch instrument cluster. The other significant features include a panoramic sunroof, power-adjustable front seats, 360-degree camera view, auto climate control, automatic parking brake, and air purifier.

Engine & Performance

The Astor only available in a petrol version comes with two engine trims. One is the 110-hp 1.5-litre normally aspirated unit with 144 Nm of torque while the other is a BritDynamic 1.4-litre 220Turbo with 140 hp and 220 Nm of torque. The 110-hp engine can be either a five-speed manual or a CVT automatic. However, the 140-hp engine exclusively comes with a six-speed torque-converter automatic transmission.

The smooth power train on the turbo-petrol version is just awesome while the drive is ON. The engine’s humming noise is barely discernible even when the pedal is to the metal. This demonstrates its ninja-like features on the move. The silky smoothness incorporates enough power with all three steering modes. A decent balance derives its significant performance in all driving conditions.

MG Astor Price

MG Astor is the brand’s most economical offering vehicle with prices ranging from Rs 9.98 lakhs* to Rs 17.72 lakhs* (ex-showroom price, India).


MG has always been committed to customer-centricity while the intelligence on the MG Astor reveals the brand power. With a mid-size SUV producing style and performance, MG is safe and capable of fulfilling all your daily conveyance needs. Book a test drive online or visit our PPS MG Dealer Showroom in Hyderabad to know more about the tech specs or features of MG Astor.