Top 5 MG Hector Connectivity Features

The all-new “connected” SUV MG Hector in India has been gaining a reputation while it’s made available at competitive prices. With quite a value-rich offering, MG Hector caters extensive list of features. The compact SUV offers great comfort alongside a hybrid engine marking its significance in the segment. Its connectivity features play a vital role in making it the first preference of purchase. To know more about the advanced technology of MG Hector, contact the Authorized PPS MG Hyderabad Showroom for sales inquiries.

MG Hector is majorly equipped with 5 attractive features apart from the routine aspects of a mid-size SUV. The fantastic five are AI-powered voice assist, iSmart technology, pre-loaded apps for a 10.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 48V mild hybrid system, and the ability to receive over-the-air updates. Below are the details of each feature.

MG Hector – AI-powered Voice Assist

The top-most attractive connectivity feature on MG Hector is its Voice Assist. Syncing with the Indian accents, Nuance made sure Hector responds properly by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Say ‘Hello MG’ to Hector’s Voice Assist and activate it. It can perform over 100 functions, including operating the climate control system and navigation, and opening and closing the windows and sunroof. Poor connectivity is not an issue for assistance, claims MG.

iSmart Telematics Smartphone App

MG iSmart’s next-gen technology app with the connected car tech allows Hector owners to access real-time data on their smartphones. The feature includes tracking the SUV’s location, enabling geo-fencing, and checking tire pressures. The app has an access to lock/unlock the doors, start the air-conditioning system, and turn on the ignition. The app also lets owners keep track of the vehicle’s service history, and schedule a service for their SUVs.

Pre-loaded Apps For the Infotainment System

MG steps ahead to offer a 10.4-inch HD touch display on the Hector with touchscreen systems gaining demand these days. A massive number of apps are pre-loaded into Hector’s infotainment system, including a Gaana premium account for music streaming, TomTom’s IQ maps navigation, Find my Car, and an AccuWeather app for weather forecasts. The touchscreen system allows the centre console to access most features with an easy-to-use interface replacing the traditional buttons.

48V Mild Hybrid System & MDMS

MG initiates a boost towards making a hybrid powertrain accessible with the MG Hector becoming the first compact SUV. The model uses a hybrid tech system with 48V combining the petrol engine with 1.5-litre turbocharge. MG claims the fuel economy increases by 12 percent with such a massive battery-powered system and reduces CO2 emissions by 11 percent. The system comes with idle start-stop, E-boost, regenerative braking, and many more.

Also, MDMS (Magnet Dealer Management System) allows MG Hector to host information about the company, service centres, dealers, and customers. The leading auto car maker says this will enable the recognition of customers and access services at the company’s service centres and dealerships. In case of an accident, Hector guides through an eCall emergency response system by notifying MG’s customer management centre (named Pulse Hub). Besides, the opening of airbags leads to the triggering of messages to the registered phone numbers, Pulse Hub, and a series of emergency response actions.

Over-the-air Updates and 5G Capability

An M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM card is embedded in the Hector and paired with the SUV’s Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). Cisco’s support through its IoT (Internet of Things) Connectivity Management platform Jasper allows the telematics suite with Airtel’s telecom network support enabling 5G capability. This totally allows a 5G connectivity ready to use, as the owners purchase the vehicle.

The MG Hector easily manages to download Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for the software at each point in time, as and when the updates become available. This enables the users to receive entertainment content, real-time software, and application updates. This also makes the connectivity experience on Hector more likely to that of a smartphone Internet connectivity.

MG Hector Engine Options

The engine options on the compact SUV include a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol, and a 2.0-litre diesel unit. Specially speaking, MG claims a fuel efficiency figure of 15.81 kmpl on the hybrid model with an ARAI certification.


MG with Hector builds a strong technology point to connect customers with the brand. This advanced tech model ranges between a price tag of Rs. 12.18 lakh* and Rs. 16.88 lakh* (ex-showroom price in India). Experience a seamless driving experience with the MG Hector purchasing at a competitive price bracket. Book a test drive online or visit our PPS MG Dealer Hyderabad to know more about the tech specs or features of MG Hector.