How ADAS Ensures Safety in MG Gloster

The moniker “GLOSTER,” which symbolizes being bold, sturdy, reliable, and versatile, pays homage to MG’s British ancestry. The name GLOSTER is a tribute to outstanding British engineering and refers to a British jet-engine aircraft prototype. The Advanced Gloster is equipped with best-in-class features, a commanding road presence, potent capability, and opulent interiors, and it is intended to establish new standards.

One has options in life at all times. Either follow a predetermined path and let life pass you by, or have an open mind and take advantage of what it has to offer. The Advanced Gloster’s cutting-edge features and exquisite appearance are intended to break up the routine and pave new paths. It is designed to surprise you at every step with cutting-edge personalization and driving technology. It was designed to serve as a continual reminder that life always has more to offer, but only if you look for it. So, venture forth and explore more. Book a smooth and hassle-free test drive with the authorized PPS MG Showroom in Hyderabad. Our professional and expert sales team will assist you will all the queries and give you appropriate suggestions and easy options for the purchase of your preferred MG Gloster Vehicle.


ADAS is a collection of convenience and safety features aimed at enhancing driver comfort, enhancing traffic safety, and preventing or lessening the severity of future accidents. ADAS can accomplish all of these by warning the driver, putting in place potential safety measures inside the car, and automating driving controls (based on the driving automation level of the vehicle). While Level 1 autonomous vehicles serve as a driver helper and are dependent on the driver to monitor the road and its conditions, Level 5 autonomous vehicles represent the global future dream of fully autonomous vehicles.

ADAS – Let’s have a closer look at the Features which enhance Safety when travelling in MG Gloster


By using sensors to identify and alert drivers to approaching vehicles in adjacent lanes, Lane Change Assist (LCA) assists drivers in changing lanes safely. Lane change incidents on the road can be avoided with the help of LCA, which can notify you to vehicles approaching your blind zones. To assist you in making a safe lane change. LCA will provide you an auditory and/or visual warning when it detects that you are about to change lanes in a potentially hazardous manner.



The warning light on the corresponding side flashes whenever a collision during reversing and leaving a parking space is possible, and an alarm icon is also displayed on the reversing image screen for three seconds to notify you of the impending hazard.


The Gloster’s back radar detects any moving vehicles on its neighbouring sides in real time as you stop and park. The Door Open Warning system warns you of the possibility of a door opening collision when it determines that there is a danger of collision between the moving target on the rear side and the Gloster’s door.


Even when you follow all traffic laws and behave properly, accidents might still occur because of circumstances beyond your control. Sensors are used by blind spot detection systems to give drivers critical information that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to receive. This feature recognizes and warns the driver of any abrupt movements in his or her blind zone, such as automobiles overtaking one another or motorcycles strafing the side lanes.



The more sophisticated version of cruise control known as adaptive cruise control, or ACC, is especially useful on long trips as it senses the road ahead and allows the car to control its acceleration and braking to reach the desired speed while also maintaining a safe distance from cars in front of it. It can be useful while waiting at a red light and while commuting during rush hour. It is a full-range cruise control that can simply follow the car in front of you automatically. It can go up to 150 kmph and can slow down all the way to zero to keep up with the driver’s pace while maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you according to the safe interval set by the driver.



This technology helps with standard parallel and vertical parking by providing assistance. The ultrasonic sensor scans and evaluates the parking spot once it is turned on. When a parking space is available, the car will help you park by automatically regulating the steering and informing the driver when to engage reverse, driving gear, and the brake. With the use of this technology, common parking issues in highly populated urban areas can be resolved. The car can be parked in smaller places thanks to automatic parking technology. This takes up less space and makes it simpler for automobile owners to find parking spaces.



It can have serious consequences if your attention occasionally wanders off the road. However, the Forward Accident Warning warns the driver when a probable collision with a four-wheeler, two-wheeler, or a pedestrian is identified using both visual and aural cues. The technology is intended to warn the driver, regain their focus, and lessen the likelihood of a crash.



A camera is used by Lane Departure Warning to identify lane lines up ahead and track the location of the car within its lane. The function alerts the driver with visual and aural signs when it determines that the car is likely to move accidentally out of its allocated lane.


Automatic Emergency Braking will engage and apply brakes on your behalf in the event that the driver ignores or fails to act on the FCW alert and warning of a potential collision with a four-wheeler. This will help to further minimize or lessen the severity of the potential crash.


The Advanced Gloster, with its impressive strength and capabilities, upholds the ideals it represents and delivers on what it was designed for: the great outdoors and adventurous pursuits. The Advanced Gloster is equipped with a cutting-edge intelligent 4-wheel drive technology and can traverse a variety of terrains like Snow, Mud, Water, Rock and Sand.


At the heart of The Advanced Gloster, sits the all-new, in-house, all-powerful, first in segment Twin Turbo Diesel Engine with incredible power and torque.The eight-speed automatic transmission and available powertrains of the redesigned MG Gloster are also carried over. The 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine puts out 161 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque, while the twin-turbo model puts out 215 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque.


The Advanced Gloster is intelligently and tastefully constructed with only one primary feeling in mind: YOU. As soon as you enter the Advanced Gloster, you are enveloped in a world of individualized luxury. The Advanced Gloster’s in-car experience is not just the immersive, technological marvel that it is, but it also has the feeling of being in a world of carefully selected premium feel.

The Advanced Gloster comes to life in vibrant hues that support its identity as a contemporary marvel. Pick a colour scheme that best suits your features. It is available in Warm White, Deep Golden, Metal Black, and Metal Ash hues. The SUV also has a panoramic sunroof, ventilated front seats, a 12-way power-adjustable driver seat with massaging functionality, wireless charging, a 12.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.



Get ready to be enthralled with The Advanced Gloster’s interior paradise. The two seating variants offered in The Advanced Gloster—a 2+2+2 configuration with second row captain chairs or a 2+3+2 configuration—allow for unrivalled premium luxury and best-in-class interior spaciousness.



You are able to face the uncertainties of the road with increased confidence thanks to safety features like The Advanced Gloster. Modern, next-generation vehicle technology and more than 30 standard safety measures that have earned top international certifications combine to provide a comprehensive framework that never compromises on your best interests when it comes to safety.


By delivering 100% of the torque to the wheel with traction, the electro-mechanical differential lock makes sure that even when the car is stuck in a difficult, slick position, it can still generate a significant driving force. You are given the assurance and control necessary by this feature to meet any problem that comes your way.

Conclusion – Let’s take a glance of the Extraordinary

We hope that our readers know that the Advanced Gloster would have been burning through skyscapes, leaving blazing trails of awe and oomph in the air, if it weren’t designed to take on the roadways. The Advanced Gloster carries itself with the panache and adaptability of a soaring beacon. Its strong outward aesthetics and cutting-edge automotive engineering combine to give it a versatile power and luxurious feel that make it the contemporary marvel that it is.

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