What is MG i-Smart?

MG has been evolving as a tech-focused car brand and is one of the first to bring connected car technology to India. Derived as ‘MG i-Smart’, the connectivity car features elevate the convenience, safety, and luxury of MG cars. To know more about the advanced technology that enhances the driving experience on MG cars, contact the Authorized PPS MG Showrooms Hyderabad . There are 5 different models- MG Astor, MG Hector, MG Hector Plus, MG Gloster, and MG ZS EV Cars that offer MG i-Smart connectivity.

MG i-Smart integrates software, hardware, applications, and services to make driving easier and more pleasant. It comprises multiple internet-based features that allow the MG car experience smoother and smarter. The voice assist of i-Smart technology supports both Hindi and English languages. MG i-Smart technology gives access to JioSaavn and Gaana applications preloaded in the infotainment system. The MG i-Smart since its introduction has been featured on all MG cars. The technology is categorized and below are the features in detail:

i-Smart Mobile Application

Now remotely monitor your MG car with the i-Smart mobile application that also provides real-time updates. The i-Smart mobile application offers the following functions:

  • Fuel level & vehicle range
  • Vehicle scanning to monitor pre-defined parameters
  • Lock/ unlock the vehicle remotely
  • Lock/ unlock status
  • Remote controls for the Climate control
  • Geofencing
  • Speed Alert

Find my car: Honking/ Lights blinking/ walk or drive to the car

  • Tyre pressure notification
  • Security alert
  • Departure Notification
  • Vehicle Management
  • MG Network information
  • i-SMART Drive helps you to drive smartly
  • Create a travel plan & push it to the vehicle.

Voice Assist

The AI-based voice assist is one of the top aspects of the i-Smart connected car features. It’s developed to understand Indian English accents and machine learning drives the system to deepen its understanding over time. Just say ‘Hello MG’ and activate the voice assist. This allows users to control over 100 voice commands including climate control, operating the sunroof, and navigation.

Find My Car

The feature lets owners know the precise location of the MG car and provides walking directions to the vehicle. One can outline an area for the car with geofencing and get notified whenever the car crosses the set boundary. Remotely stay updated on the security aspect of the vehicle and check if anything is on or open such as the trunk, sunroof, etc. However, there’s a security alert one receives for a critical condition including abnormal ignition, and abnormal door opening.

Track all the information such as driving techniques, acceleration, braking, running idle, and many more using the Smart Drive feature to improve driving. A single mobile i-Smart application allows control of two or more MG cars. Besides, the departure notification alerts about the pre-set travel plans and timings at each point in time.

Over The Air (OTA) Updates With 5G Compatibility

Embedded with the eSIM, the MG i-Smart associates machine-to-machine (M2M) on the platform Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). Syncing the 5G connectivity, the feature also helps download over-the-air updates. The i-Smart software works in a way smartphones connect to the Internet.

Default Apps in the Infotainment System

The MG i-smart caters to a huge number of already loaded applications in the infotainment. To name a few:

Ganna or JioSaavn App– This music-related app in the infotainment system comes with premium a account. The download capability initiates a large collection of music albums and personalized recommendations.

TomTom’s IQ Maps Navigation– This helps car owners to set destinations and navigate. Picking up the alternate routes is also made easier when there’s hefty traffic on the main route. The app also allows one to select the point of interest including malls, fuel pumps, etc, in the navigation system.

The AccuWeather application– This provides real-time weather updates.


eCall for Safety and Security & MDMS (Magnet Dealer Management System)

The eCall is an advanced emergency response system that safeguards in case of an accident. The eCall immediately triggers the notification through SMS to the emergency contacts as soon as the airbags are open. The exact car location coordinates are sent to the Pulse Hub alongside MG customer management centre. The Magnet Dealer Management comprises an integrated platform that connects customers to all MG service centres & MG dealers.

MG ZS EV i-Smart Features

With over 75 connected car features, the all-new ZS EV brings easily connected driving. Access to user’s mobile phones helps operate many features of the vehicle. These include locking and unlocking the vehicle, controlling air conditioning, checking battery statistics, connecting to an Android or iOS smartwatch, and triggering voice commands. The ZS EV is capable of receiving 100+ VR instructions to control the ac, sky roof, navigation, radio, music, and many other features.

The MG ZS EV comprises a digital key to start, lock, unlock, and also drive the vehicle. Connecting a smartphone using Bluetooth technology can fulfill all the operations. It derives into the cadre of a Car-as-a-Platform (CAAP) to handle numerous car services. The brand associates with different partners including Jio, Park+, Map My India, and Shortpedia to offer connected capabilities.


MG drives better technology aspects across its recent car models to attract users and has been gaining a good reputation. The advanced tech models including i-Smart on MG Cars direct towards a future-ready advancement. Book a test drive online or visit our PPS MG Dealer Showroom Hyderabad to experience seamless driving with the MG Vehicles alongside witnessing technology parameters.  Know more about the tech specs or features, before choosing the best MG Car Model that fits your budget and specification requirements.