MG ZS EV Offering Upto 461 Kms Range on a Single Charge!!

It’s been a long time since the MG ZS EV was updated and it could be tempting to refer to it as a facelift, and for the most part, it is. You receive updated interiors and new aesthetics. However, this ZS EV version also adds a larger battery, increased range, and increased power. These updates take it above and beyond the label of “facelift” and give it the title of an actual update. The ZS EV has generated a lot of excitement on social media. As a result, the ZS becomes a more alluring purchase as a result of the updates. If you wish to explore the features of MG ZS EV more closely, you can book a test drive with the authorized PPS MG Showroom in Hyderabad as they offer a distinguished and excellent automotive experience.

It’s clear what’s happening here: the ZS EV has adopted Astor’s recently introduced facelifted appearance. The headlamps are in a similar shape to the Astor and the face’s styling serves as indicators. The absence of the grille and the replacement of it with a dimpled plastic panel is what makes this distinction. It’s wonderful to see MG embracing the EV future with this car’s appearance.

MG ZS EV Interiors

The interiors of ZS EV have been updated. With more digital real estate than before and a dash that is properly put out, the ZS EV has a lot more technological feel. The 7-inch digital instrument cluster is tastefully done, but the 10.1-inch touch screen infotainment display in the centre console steals the show.  The three buttons for switching modes, configuring KERS, and displaying battery statistics on the LCD are still present, along with the rotary dial for selecting drive and reverse.

The ZS EV uses soft touch materials almost everywhere on the dashboard, which gives it a very premium feel. This is something to note. There is an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, a 360-degree camera, a panoramic sunroof, and a wireless phone charger among its many other features. Fair enough, these are reasonable expectations for this price range, and the ZS meets them. Additionally, there are safety features that use radar, such as rear cross traffic alert, lane change assist, and blind spot monitoring.

The back of the MG ZS EV seems to be cozy. The seats are pleasant, and there is enough legroom and headroom. Three people may find it extremely easy to fit in the rear. The armrest has cup holders, the center passenger has a separate headrest, and the floor is fully flat, all of which are excellent for comfort.

Drive train &Performance

Things start to become interesting at this point. The ZS EV’s battery capacity has increased to 50.3 kWh from 44.5 kWh, an increase of 5.8 kWh. Along with it, there is a boost in power, going from 141 to 174 horsepower. Range should come first since it is directly tied to the bigger battery. MG ZS EV currently touts a 461 km range. Comparatively, this is increasing by roughly up to 30km. This is good enough of a jump as 30 kilometers could get you to the next charging station. Additionally, it significantly reduces range apprehension.

The difference between an indicator reading 80 km of range and 110 km of range is significant. The fact that MG chose to use a larger batteryrange is undoubtedly one of the main deterrents to EV adoption, so this is a positive step. The performance front represents the other improvement. The ZS EV feels legitimately swift! This vehicle is capable of accelerating enthusiastically, strongly and quickly. The acceleration when rolling is quite amazing.

Floor it at 40 to 60 kph, and it accelerates quickly while producing the most torque. The three drive modes alter the performance (and, as a result, the range): Eco mode saves by reducing the performance, Normal is sufficient for 99 percent of your driving, and Sport is a lot of fun. This performance is helpful in the real world since it makes overtaking at high speeds simple. Additionally, it seems smooth; as the speed increases, there is no engine roar, just pure silence.

Ride and Handling

The ride quality of the MG ZS EV is another impressive feature. Despite being a big vehicle, it has outstanding body control and handles Indian roads with ease. It handles potholes and rough areas admirably, absorbing the flaws nicely while not letting excessive suspension noise enter the cabin (essential in an EV since there is no motor to muffle the vibrations). This never gives off the impression of being a small car that has been jacked up; rather, it has the solidity of an SUV that was built to handle rough terrain. The handling, meanwhile, is also great. You can instruct the car to turn in the direction you want it to go, and the steering feels direct.

Price and Verdict

There are two variations of the MG ZS EV. The Excite variant, with a price tag of Rs 22.58 lakh* and The Exclusive, which has a price tag of Rs 26.50 lakh*. The Excite appears quite alluring at its pricing range even though the Exclusive is outfitted with all the bells and whistles. It has enormous features with the drive train package, including the huge battery which ensures a better performance.


The ZS EV has always been a reliable product, and these upgrades make it even more desirable. Currently, without a doubt, the best EV with an affordable price tag is MG ZS EV. PPS MG dealer in Hyderabad houses all MG Vehicles and offers a smooth and hassle-free test drive experience.