Top 5 Segment-first Features in MG Hector

For the Indian market, MG Motor India formally revealed the mid-size Hector SUV. The SUV surpasses its competitors Tata, Jeep, and Mahindra while establishing a remarkable reputation. MG has crammed the Hector full of features to compete with the competition. The MG Hector’s unique first-in-segment features are listed below. The connectivity features are the segment’s top preference and a real reason to buy the product. Contact the PPS MG Showroom LB Nagar with any sales-related inquiries to find out more about the MG Hector’s cutting-edge technologies.

What are the new features in MG Hector?

MG Hector has FANTASTIC FIVE FEATURES (FFF) in addition to the standard features of an SUV. The FFF has AI-powered voice assistance, preloaded apps for a 10.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 48V mild hybrid system, iSmart Telematics Smartphone App, and over-the-air updates. The details of 5 features are listed below.

   1. AI-powered Voice Assist

The most attractive connectivity feature on the MG Hector and MG Hector Plus is Voice Assist. Artificial intelligence and machine learning were added by Nuance as part of the collaboration, making it simple to synchronize with Indian accents. When you say “Hi MG,” the voice assistant on the MG Hector responds. About 100 functions, including operating the navigation system and climate control systems, as well as opening and closing the windows and sunroof, are simple to carry out.

Does MG Hector have lane assist?

The Level 2 Advanced Driving Support System is the most noticeable new feature for the Hector (ADAS). It has technologies including adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, front collision warning, emergency braking, traffic jam assist, and high beam assist.

   2. Pre-loaded Apps For the Infotainment System

MG anticipates the need and provides a 10.4-inch HD touch display on the Hector in response to the increasing use of touchscreen devices nowadays. Many pre-installed applications available with Hector’s infotainment system. The traditional buttons have been replaced with an intuitive interface, making it simpler to use the touchscreen technology enabled centre console.

Does MG Hector have auto parking?

You can easily manoeuvre into any parking space with the MG Hector’s Reverse Parking Sensors installed. The MG Hector adds a preference to the MG Hector Plus features and is the first SUV in its class to have all-around LED illumination.

In essence, the Hector also receives LED fog lamps, tail lamps, and headlamps. Moreover, the turn indicators and DRLs are both LEDs and have a dynamic function. The 360-degree camera on MG Hector is another segment-first feature. It aids with parking the automobile in more confined spaces and displays the SUV from above using numerous cameras.

   3. 48V Mild Hybrid System & MDMS

With such a large battery-powered system, MG claims the innovation enhances fuel economy by 12 percent and lowers CO2 emissions by 11 percent. This is one of the MG Hector 7 seater features that propelled the vehicle to new heights in the Indian market.

   4. What is hybrid feature in MG Hector?

The MG Hector, the brand’s first compact SUV, is a significant development in MG’s efforts to expand the use of hybrid powertrains. The car uses hybrid technology that combines a 48-volt system with a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine. The system has regenerative braking, idle start-stop, and E-boost in addition to many other characteristics. Visit PPS MG Dealer Hyderabad to know features in detail.

   4. iSmart Telematics Smartphone App

With their cellphones, MG Hector automobile owners can obtain real-time statistics. The MG iSmart app for the next generation of linked car technology makes this feasible. Geo-fencing, position tracking, and tyre pressure monitoring are all made possible by the feature on the MG Hector. Significant access to the ignition, door locks, and air conditioning is made possible by the app.

   5. Over-the-air Updates and 5G Capability

The Hector has an M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM card installed for Internet Protocol Version 6 connectivity (IPv6). The telematics suite can allow 5G technology with the aid of Airtel’s cellular network and Cisco’s IoT Connectivity Management platform Jasper.

Once owners purchase this technology-integrated vehicle, 5G communication is made simpler with the same technology. When available via Over-The-Air, the MG Hector effortlessly downloads new software upgrades (OTA).

Owners can now receive real-time app upgrades, entertainment content, and software updates. Also, this enhances Hector’s reputation for having speedy Internet access comparable to that of a smartphone.

MG Hector Price & Engine Options

The MG Hector’s design, performance, and affordability all work together to attract buyers. MG Hector internet inside car priceis competitive while selecting an SUV in the sub-Rs 20 lakh price bracket. The pricing of the MG Hector is between Rs. 12.18 lakhs to Rs. 16.88 lakhs (ex-showroom price in India).

1.5 litre turbo-petrol, 1.5 litre turbo-petrol with 48-volt mild hybrid, and 2.0 litre diesel engines are the 3 available options. According to MG, hybrid vehicles with an ARAI certification have a 15.81 kilometres per litre fuel efficiency rating. For any Challenges related to performance, PPS MG Service Hyderabad drives out perfect with absolute solutions.

The FFF formula, which was discussed has a significant impact on attracting attention from potential car buyers to this model, makes it clear that choosing the MG Hector is a good decision.


Spend less money on the MG Hector and take pleasure in a nice driving experience. You may book a test drive online or browse and visit the MG Showroom  Hyderabad to find out more about the MG Hector’s technical details or amenities. India is home to additional PPS MG Showrooms in cities like Udaipur, Erode, Tirunelveli, Thanjavur, Coimbatore, and Madurai. Visit your nearby MG Dealership today to schedule a test drive.