What Everyone Must Know About MG ZS EV

India’s second SUV MG ZS EV Launch Date in India was January 2020 on the domestic Indian market as the SAIC-owned British carmaker made a great debut. Discover the best details of the novel model by reading the article. To learn more about the innovative features, visit our PPS MG Showroom Hyderabad. See how the MG automobile integrates technology and creates an electrifying brand in the industry.

MG ZS EV Specifications

The digital key in the MG ZS EV Features blending technology may be used to start, lock, and unlock the vehicle. The Bluetooth technology that connects and performs is quite amazing with all required functions. It is captured from a framework for managing various services using Automobile as a Platform (CAAP). The company collaborates with numerous partners, including Jio, Map My India, Park+, and Shortpedia, to offer integrated services.

The MG ZS EV comes equipped with a built-in music system, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Keyless Entry, Hill Assist, and GPS navigation. The dimensions are as follows:

Length- 4314 mm

Width- 1809 mm

Height- 1620 mm

Wheelbase- 2585 mm.

MG ZS EV Ground Clearance of Exclusive [2020-2021] and Excite [2020-2021] is 161 mm. The specifications for the front and rear tyres on [2020-2021] and Exclusive [2020-2021] are 215 / 50 R17 alloy wheels. Additionally, Excite and Exclusive have alloy wheels with 215/55 R17 tyres. All variants come with the option of a daytime running LED.

What is the rating of the battery used in MG ZS EV?

The MG ZS EV is powered by a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack with two options: 44.5 kWh or 50.3 kWh. Together, the electric motor and battery pack can provide 150 PS and 350 Nm of torque. The ZS can travel 340 kilometres on a single charge, and it takes 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge, according to the manufacturer. Furthermore, it claimed MG ZS EV Review is good enough that up to 80% charging could be accomplished in 50 minutes when using a 50 kW DC fast charger with quick charging technology. The electric car may be charged at home using a 7.4 kW AC outlet.

What is the cost of MG ZS EV battery?

It is feasible to replace the MG ZS EV battery. The cost to replace the 44.5 kWh 394 V lithium-ion battery pack for the MG ZS EV will be between Rs 6.60 Lakhs* and Rs 8.50 Lakhs* in India. With the MG ZS EV Range, there are 4 variations available: Excite (2020-2021), Exclusive (2020-2021), Excite, and Exclusive. To learn more about the technical specifications, feature details, and price of the MG ZS EV 2022, schedule a test drive online or stop by our PPS MG Dealer Hyderabad.

Technology on MG ZS EV

The brand-new 5-seater’s more than 75 connected car features simplify driving. The mobile device of users can be used to control several car features. A few of these include view battery information, execution of voice commands, the ability to link to an Android or iOS smartwatch, control the air conditioning, lock and unlock the car, and manage the battery. More than 100 VR commands can be sent to the ZS EV to control the luxuries like the radio, navigation, sky roof, and air conditioning.

How long do MG electric car batteries last?

One of the biggest reasons why drivers are hesitant to transition to an electric car is the battery life. While driving, the batteries go through cycles of “discharge,” and they “charge,” when the automobile is plugged in. The battery’s ability to perform a charge is based on how often you repeat this operation. Hence, the distance between each charges with respect to time frames keep reducing.

Five to eight years is the battery guarantee that majority of manufacturers offer. However, according to the current forecast, an electric car’s battery would last between 10 and 20 years before it needs to be changed. The most recent electric car batteries, however, have a longer lifespan than ever before, like the New MG ZS EV, which comes with a 7-year warranty.

Do electric cars need servicing?

In comparison to an internal combustion engine, an electric motor requires far less maintenance. It does not require exhaust or lubricant as there is no friction between any moving parts or exchange of liquids for gases. Hence, there won’t be any filter, oil, or exhaust system changes. However, there’s every chance of saving the costs by maintaining the car properly.


MG consistently pledges to be customer-centric, and the MG ZS EV’s intelligence demonstrates the strength of the brand. The mid-size SUV produced by MG is safe and capable of meeting all of your daily transportation demands. MG ZS EV Price in India begins at Rs. 22.98 Lakhs*. For those who are location-specific in their search, explore online to get the closest PPS MG Dealer Hyderabad. People looking for MG Cars purchase can walk into Mg showrooms in Udaipur, Erode, Tirunelveli, Thanjavur, Coimbatore, and Madurai. Also, schedule a test drive with MG ZS EV to get a hands-on driving experience.